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Please join us in celebrating the retirement of Dale Hustus after nearly 25 years of service with Boulos Asset Management.

Dale’s steadfast nature has served all our northern portfolio clients and tenants well.  During Dale’s time with Boulos there have been changes to his role, but he has remained a constant.  Hardworking, trustworthy, and resolute.  Above all, Dale has been a role model to all those he has worked with and has been a mentor to the next generation of property management for the northern portfolio.  He will be missed by all who have worked with him through the years. 


Dale’s retirement closes a chapter that has spanned nearly a quarter of a century with Boulos but opens a new well-deserved chapter for Dale and his family. 


Dale's retirement will also create an opportunity for the team working on the Bangor portfolio to make their own mark under the management of Steve Luce.  

Dale Hustus.jpg

Dale Hustus


16 April, 2020


 This week marks Morris Fisher’s 30th anniversary with Boulos Asset Management!  Please join us in congratulating Morris on this amazing milestone and in thanking him for his immeasurable contributions to the success of Boulos Asset Management. 

For those who may not know, Morris came to Boulos on April 16, 1990, hired as the company’s Controller. When it came time for Joe Boulos to select a successor, Morris's experience and accomplishments made him an obvious and desirable choice to lead our Company as President and in 1995 Morris was made a Principal of the company.

 Over the years, Morris's steadfast approach has successfully navigated Boulos Asset Management through many economic challenges and portfolio fluctuations. He first lead us as a small company managing 500,000 square feet of strictly Joe Boulos properties. Morris then guided us through the banking crisis of the 1990’s , he then steered us through the new management of bank owned property with over 100 people on staff. From there, Morris supported us through the development of over 500,000 square feet of real estate for the Libra Foundation, followed by a purposeful expansion of the company’s third party management portfolio. In his capable hands, we went on to a high-point of 5 million square feet through the 2008 recession and corresponding business contraction, Today, thanks to the leadership Morris has provided, our company manages over 6 million square feet of diverse, high-quality assets and we have become the undisputed leader in our market!

 You don't have to have known Morris for 30 years to know that it is his professionalism, determination and exemplary leadership that have been the driving force behind the success of Boulos Asset Management all these years. Morris is the embodiment of “The Boulos Way”; someone who demonstrates hard work, integrity, professionalism, innovation and leadership by example. His ability to handle any situation with the utmost capability no matter how diverse, unusual or difficult the circumstances may be, is unparalleled. Morris always seems to know what to do and how to do it! This has engendered a great deal of confidence throughout the company; reminding us that our mission is clear and worthy of our best efforts. We thank you Morris for your continued investment in and loyalty to Boulos Asset Management. 

 Now, in the most recent chapter of our Company’s history, Morris’s abilities have once again been put to the test by, of all things, a global health pandemic.  True to form, Morris has responded with surefooted leadership. Protecting the safety and well being of the company’s employees, while at the same time executing the company’s mission for the benefit of our clients. Like all the other hurdles Morris has help us jump over throughout the years, this current pandemic too shall pass. When that time comes, we look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion and thanking Morris properly for his 30 years of hard work.

 Again, please join us in recognizing such a milestone anniversary for Morris and thanking him for all he has done to make Boulos Asset Management the successful company it is today. 


Thank you Morris!!


Morris Fisher at the Spurwink Humanitarian Awards

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