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Property Management

We understand the value of customer service and tenant retention.  Our commitment to servicing tenants is an advantage we bring to each management assignment.  Our management program emphasizes total satisfaction with the leased premises.  A proactive approach to overseeing building operations allows us to seamlessly manage building services for our clients.  Boulos Asset Management managers and personnel are trained to identify areas within their properties and portfolios that can be changed to enhance the property’s operating efficiencies and reduce overall operating expenses. As a result, we have developed a reputation for providing the highest level of service to clients and tenants, while at the same time, controlling costs.

In addition to managing the daily operations of each property, we also provide other expertise. With our extensive tenant and property network, we are able to keep an eye on trends in the market. Sharing this knowledge with our clients enables them to make more informed decisions.  


Our Services Include:

  • Property Inspections/Visits including 24/7 Call Center for Emergency Response.

  • Property Operations:  Building and grounds maintenance; Vendor management; Engineering, Janitorial, and Security services.

  • Security:  Alarm monitoring, security patrols, life safety evaluation. 

  • Accounting/Financial Reporting/Budgeting.

  • Tenant Relations/ Lease Administration including lease negotiations.

  • Refurbishment, Repairs and Capital Projects.

  • On-line Work Order System

Property Management

Financial Services

 Accounting Services


Our clients receive high quality and consistent customized financial reports. Data integrity is maintained through a tightly controlled accounting environment using proven real estate specific accounting systems, industry standard accounting controls, budget variance reporting and multi-level management approval processes to safeguard our clients’ assets. Our modern lease administration systems ensure critical lease dates are not missed and rent is billed accurately and timely. We have experience working with tenants of all sizes and types to ensure rent is deposited where it belongs…in our clients’ bank accounts.

Financial Advisory Services


Buyers are provided with one-stop financial due diligence services and mortgage sourcing assistance. Leases and operating expenses are assessed and cash flow models created that present the economics of a new purchase for lender consideration while assisting buyers to understand the financial opportunities and risks related to proposed acquisitions. With a clear picture of a property’s economics, our real time knowledge of industry trends and long standing lender relationships are leveraged to provide buyers valuable assistance obtaining the best financing terms available.

Whether it is financial due diligence and advisory services before a purchase or property accounting services and lease administration after closing, Boulos Asset Management’s finance team offers a full menu of services to meet our clients’ needs.

Analysing the Data
Financial Services

Lease Administration

An important aspect of managing investment real estate is tenant satisfaction with the property.  We  understand the importance of maintaining lines of communication with all tenants and responding to their needs. A recent survey of tenants in our managed properties indicated a high degree of satisfaction with our management style. Our goal will be to maximize rent collection through professional management and the understanding of each lease.         


Key components of our management assignment include.  ​

  •  Periodically meet with all tenants to assess their satisfaction with the property.

  •  Address tenant concerns and maintenance calls in a professional and timely manner.  We operate a 24 hour call center.

  • Keep tenants informed of the property status, particularly any improvements or enhancements that make the property more attractive.

  • Anticipate lease renewals with existing tenants.  It is important to begin this process well in advance of the lease expiration date.

  • Complete inventory of each existing lease and preparation and maintenance of lease abstracts for each tenant.

  • Collect rent and other funds due from tenants.

  • Calculate and bill common area maintenance charges.

  • Monitor and address delinquent accounts.

Contract Paper Signing

Project Management Services

Our Project Management Group (PMG) partners with clients to implement cost-efficient new building construction, renovation and tenant improvement projects. The group consistently delivers cost savings and value to our clients with clear project goals for time, cost and scope for a wide array of projects.

Services Include:
 • Construction Management • Permits and Approvals
 • Tenant Improvements • Bid Document Review
 • Property Inspections • Due Diligence
 • Site Selection and Analysis • Development Consulting
 • Project Team Selection • Space Planning
 • Design Coordination • Energy Consulting
 • Life Safety Review • Infrastructure Planning

Civil Engineer
Project Management
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