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carl trottier - Asset Manager

Carl joined Boulos Asset Management in 2009 as a Property Manager to manage a portfolio of commercial properties in and around Portland, Maine.  Mr. Trottier’s responsibilities consist of supervising major capital construction projects, negotiating contracts, developing budgets, conducting lease renewals and managing cohesive working relationships with the customer and the client while maintaining budget control and dedication to high professional standards and excellent customer service.


 Mr. Trottier formerly worked as a Senior Property Manager for Citigroup Realty Services for 13 years, managing properties in New England, Bermuda and Grand Cayman, where he was responsible for daily operations, budgeting and all project management for more than a quarter million square feet of commercial office space.


Prior to working for Citigroup Mr. Trottier was President of Maine Line Drafting Service, providing construction drawings to residential building contractors, fabrication drawings for structural steel fabricators, and project management for light commercial and residential build outs.

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